We specialise in computer repairs, support and networking, management and maximising of resources: including issues such as antivirus, security and data backup. We also provide virus removal/clean up, data recovery and related support. We can assist your business with all its IT requirements and indeed provide a systems administrator function for smaller businesses that don't have dedicated IT personnel. Support can be provided either onsite or remotely via a VPN connection. We support computers and networks for all business types, from single PC's to multiple networks connected via a WAN or VPN - including high security locations.

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 How much time do you spend answering customer questions?

Wouldn't it be great if they could answer most of their questions without even talking to anyone?

Customer portal is a new product developed here at Software Solutions that allows you and/or your customer to access business critical information from anywhere in the world.


Graphic workstations

Gaming Stations



Desktops Software Solutions Scotlands’ extensive ranges of Intel & Amd based personal computers have all been specially configured to suit Home PC or Business PC users alike. All computers can be upgraded to suit advanced requirements that can be discussed with our technical advisors.

Workstations Professional Workstations powered by the latest Intel and AMD Dual/Quad Core processors provide high performance computers specially designed for intense applications. Upgrade your system to include Dual SLI or Crossfire Graphic card technology and turn your system into a high performance Graphic & Video Editing Workstation.

Gaming Stations Using the latest in computer technology, Software Solutions Scotland can provide you with the ultimate gaming computer to satisfy all your gaming needs. All gaming machines are custom build to your specification and a technical advisor will be on hand to guide you through the process. Comprising of Intel Core 2 Duo / Quad or Extreme processors, Dual Channel DDR2 memory and Dual PCI-e (16x) graphics cards.

Servers All Software Solutions Scotland’s servers are configured with the latest Intel Xeon or AMD Opteron processors to provide high performance and high capacity storage needs for your network. Our pre-configured specifications are highly stable, reliable and secure allowing our customers to gain rapid benefits of the solution. Servers can be custom specified for exact data & network requirements by our technical advisors. Our installation and migration service is efficient and cost effective in providing a low cost and transparent transition of your existing IT infrastructure and data.

Software Solutions Scotland are pleased  to offer and fully support First Degree Systems complete range of products for the window and conservatory industry.

First Degree Systems are "The Clear Leader"


The clear leader in comprehensive, fully integrated business packages for the window and conservatory industry.

We’re called First Degree for A good reason

  • Number 1 in sales
  • Number 1 in functionality
  • Number 1 in the industry

WindowsFirst Degree's Mission

To provide not only the industry’s leading software but also ground-breaking customer service and support. Through strong customer relations we shall continue to develop exciting, innovative and usable solutions, ensuring our customers hold an advantage in today's competitive windows marketplace. 



Who else delivers

  • Integrated systems that manage the entire flow of work from the enquiry phone call through to delivery
  • Seamless processing from one user-friendly interface
  • Window and conservatory design in one package
  • Team FDS, our expert support unit, available by phone, web and email
  • Fully functional online ordering for windows & conservatories

ComputersLook at this system functionality

  • Design conservatories and windows on the same product, improving performance
  • Drag & drop to improve order entry speeds and accuracy
  • Integrate to a huge variety of machinery
  • User friendly database set up for wood, aluminium, PVCu and steel
  • Track the whole job with our multi-frame, one-screen Wall View feature
  • Add new versions, licenses and modules as your company grows

Software screen shotsFirst Degree’s seamless, integrated products are the tools to improve production and accuracy, and make you more profitable. And with a continual process of development, improvement and adaptation borne out of close industry ties, First Degree Systems is sure to stay at the forefront of window software packages for years.


Please check out our comprehensive suite of tools, and then call for a free 30-day demonstration.

FDS Business Administrator

Customer and lead/contract management and CRM in one easy to use package.

Window Designer 7 Dashboard

Maximise your business potential with the new fully integrated FDS Business Administrator. The software is fully integrated into Window Designer and offers levels of transparency across the entire business, no matter small or big operation.

Avoid duplicated data entries, and save precious time, with the entire flow from the sales cycle through survey, manufacture, delivery & fitting and aftercare all managed from one simple software tool.

With full access to customer contact histories (notes and events), the office team will be much more focus and provide higher quality services. Quite simply our Business Administrator will focus your business efforts ensuring you maximize profit and customer satisfaction.

Smart search allows your operators to find a customer’s records in seconds, seeing a complete history of any record from lead through to aftercare, as well as accessing any scanned documents at the click of a button.

For trade fabricators you can manage contracts, plan multiple jobs faster than ever before.

The flexibility of the invoicing and dispatch tools allow you to part invoice or dispatch any item from within a single job, for example dispatch and invoice cavity closers weeks before the rest of a job.

There is no other sales lead management software that has the simplicity and power of FDS Business Administrator.

Window Designer 7 Dashboard Window Designer 7 Dashboard