FDS Business Administrator

Customer and lead/contract management and CRM in one easy to use package.

Window Designer 7 Dashboard

Maximise your business potential with the new fully integrated FDS Business Administrator. The software is fully integrated into Window Designer and offers levels of transparency across the entire business, no matter small or big operation.

Avoid duplicated data entries, and save precious time, with the entire flow from the sales cycle through survey, manufacture, delivery & fitting and aftercare all managed from one simple software tool.

With full access to customer contact histories (notes and events), the office team will be much more focus and provide higher quality services. Quite simply our Business Administrator will focus your business efforts ensuring you maximize profit and customer satisfaction.

Smart search allows your operators to find a customer’s records in seconds, seeing a complete history of any record from lead through to aftercare, as well as accessing any scanned documents at the click of a button.

For trade fabricators you can manage contracts, plan multiple jobs faster than ever before.

The flexibility of the invoicing and dispatch tools allow you to part invoice or dispatch any item from within a single job, for example dispatch and invoice cavity closers weeks before the rest of a job.

There is no other sales lead management software that has the simplicity and power of FDS Business Administrator.

Window Designer 7 Dashboard Window Designer 7 Dashboard